Worldview Naturalism: A Status Report

As of 2019, it’s been 21 years (!) since Naturalism.Org got underway, so some stock taking is in order. Our objective has been to articulate naturalism as a comprehensive worldview, explore its implications, apply them in various domains, and get the word out.

A concise working definition of worldview naturalism, its foundations, rationale and practical consequences has been formulated, presenting it as a straightforward and we think attractive competitor in the marketplace of belief. Naturalism.Org now offers a good deal of material about the philosophical and scientific basis for naturalism, its concrete applications in social policy and personal life, and its existential implications. These materials are referenced and organized according to the basic human concerns that worldviews address in Systematizing naturalism: answering life's vital questions. Naturalism has emerged as an alternative to theism that goes well beyond atheism and skepticism, and it serves as the background worldview for a progressive ethical humanism.

This section contains:

  • an overview of naturalism and its implications
  • a look at its connection to atheism and humanism
  • and discussion of some differences between naturalism and anti-naturalism in assumptions and conclusions.

Highlighting these differences can help make the choice between worldviews easier for the undecided. Of course your worldview may not be what matters most; after all, people live quite happily without giving much thought to the big questions. But if you’re curious about what it is to be human here in the cosmos, caught up in a situation you certainly didn’t ask for, your worldview can open, or close off, some avenues of exploration.

Articles in this Section