Content: A Possible Key to Consciousness

I'll be giving a talk for the upcoming 2023 online conference (November-December) of the International Society for the Philosophy of the Sciences of the Mind and am looking for constructive feedback in advance that will help improve the presentation. Pointers to similar approaches in the literature most appreciated! 

The talk is based on this paper of the same title:

 - Tom Clark,

Coming to Terms with Determinism

Talk summary: One common conception of free will has it that if causal determinism is true, we can’t be free, what’s sometimes called the problem of free will and determinism. As a result, determinism – reliable cause and effect relations – is widely viewed as a threat to autonomy and responsibility. In this talk I aim to rehabilitate the reputation of determinism, showing how a pragmatic (not universal) determinism is not only true, but offers a practical and ethical perspective on human agency.


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