Naturalists have the same human needs for affiliation as those attracted to more traditional worldviews. Naturalism.Org encourages individuals and groups to promote awareness of naturalism in their communities, for instance by forming affinity groups, sponsoring events for cultural enrichment such as philosophy cafes, and organizing public forums related to naturalism.



  • Secular Coalition for America - an alliance of humanist, atheist, and otherwise naturalist groups which pays a lobbyist to represent the naturalistic world view in Washington.  Its mission: "to increase the visibility and respectability of nontheistic viewpoints within the larger culture and to protect and strengthen secular government as the best guarantee of freedom for all."
  • The Secular Web - the web's most comprehensive resource for atheism and secularism, but also dedicated to promoting a naturalistic world view.
  • Atheist Parents - See the articles there by Steve Berthiaume on naturalism and criminal justice.

Humanist and Freethought Organizations Supportive of Naturalism

There are many worthy humanist and freethought organizations, nationally and worldwide, that take a broadly naturalistic approach to understanding the world and ourselves. Not surprisingly, they tend to be progressive as well.  Supporters of naturalism, directly or indirectly, include:


Cognitive Science

Consciousness Research

The Opposition

  • Access Research Network This is a high-powered organization promoting "intelligent design" theories (antithetical to naturalism) via their journal Origins and Design, with authors such as Mike Bethe and Phillip Johnson.
  • Discovery Institute Its avowed mission is "nothing less than the overthrow of materialism and its damning cultural legacies".

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