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Welcome. Naturalism.Org, a production of the Center for Naturalism, is a resource for those interested in worldview naturalism and its personal and social implications.  For background and FAQs on this understanding of naturalism, please see:

~ Worldview Naturalism in a Nutshell
~ Q & A on Naturalism
~ A Guide to Naturalism
~ Living in Light of Naturalism (first person accounts)
~ A Brief History of Naturalism

~ Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview and Its Uses (book)
~ Naturalism: the Next Step for Humanists? (video)
~ Worldview Naturalism: an overview as Naturalism.Org turns 10
~ Systematizing Naturalism: guide to essential articles at Naturalism.Org

Presentations on Naturalism
~ Tenets of Naturalism
~ Consequences of Naturalism
~ The Viability of Naturalism

~ Translations of our Introduction to Naturalism and other materials
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~ External resources on naturalism

Naturalism.Org welcomes your feedback and suggestions for additional links and resources, so please be in touch.  See here for what's new, click here for an overview of contents, and here for chronological archives. The Center for Naturalism has its own website,

Networking for naturalists:
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Applied Naturalism Group (membership on approval)
       ~ Naturalism Philosophy Forum (open membership)
Moving Naturalism Forward - discussions with leading naturalists, convened by physicist Sean Carroll.

WorldviewNaturalism.Com - readings, podcasts, videos, debates and people.

Most recent articles, commentary, videos, podcasts, etc:

~ Exploring Naturalism - Tom Clark on the Humanist Hour with Bo Bennett (6/14)

~ Can science justify universal human rights? Clark response to The Moral Landscape Challenge (6/14)

~ Sam Harris replies to Dennett's review of Free Will (2/14)

~ Dan Dennett reviews Sam Harris's Free Will (1/14)

~ Experience and autonomy: why consciousness does and doesn't matter- chapter for Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility, Greg Caruso, editor (7/13)

~ The Rise of the New Determinists - review of Richard Oerton's The Nonsense of Free Will (5/13)

~ Juno Walker reviews Julian Baggini's The Ego Trick (1/13)

~ Inspiring Naturalism - Michael Dowd and Tom Clark on worldview naturalism (12/12)

~ Daniel Dennett reviews Bruce Waller's Against Moral Responsibility; Tom Clark comments; Dennett replies; Waller replies (10/12)

~ On the theology page: All In - Paul Louis Metzger on Nietzschean atheism, from his book Connecting Christ, with invited commentary by Tom Clark (6/12)

~ Tom Clark reviews Bruce Waller's Against Moral Responsibility, a naturalistic critique of the moral responsibility system and its apologists (4/12)

~ Juno Walker reviews Sam Harris's Free Will (3/12)

~ 3 Threats to Autonomy - talk for the Brown University psychology department (2/12)

~ Transforming consciousness: what to expect at death - video of talk for Buffalo State Freethinkers, slides of the talk, and the original paper on death (1/12)

~ Free will and moral responsibility - review of Bob Doyle's Free Will: The Scandal in Philosophy. (1/12)

~ "Irresponsible and a disservice": the integrity of social psychology turns on the free will dilemma - James Miles on why it's crucial for science and society to question the myth of contra-causal free will (12/11).

~ Weight loss naturalism: behavior technology and the quest for self-control (10/11).

~ Steve Gibson and Tom Clark discuss free will and naturalism at Truth-Driven Thinking.

~  "From Empiricism to Equality: The Progressive Implications of Naturalism" at ReasonFest on May 7, slides are here.

~ Tom Clark interviewed on Think Atheist podcast.

~ Buddhism naturalized - podcast at The Secular Buddhist.

~ Leveraging Harris: making moral progress by denying free will

~ Close encounters of the 4th kind - metaphysical naturalism as an empirically plausible conjecture

~ Naturalism as a positive worldview - conversation with Luke Muehlhauser at Common Sense Atheism

~ Is scientific inquiry restricted to nature? (at NPR's 13.7 Cosmos and Culture)

~ Respecting privacy: why consciousness isn't even epiphenomenal

~ Free Will Roundup:

~ Why the focus on free will at the CFN?

~ Scientific skeptic speaks out

~ Knights Templeton on quest for causa sui

Now meme this:

~ Metadars: living out cause-and-effect naturalism and promoting the ethics of luck.


~ Is Naturalism Nihilistic?

~ Causation and Culpability

~ Too Good to Be True, Too Obscure to Explain: The Cognitive Shortcomings of Belief in God, from 50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists, Russell Blackford and Udo Schuklenk, editors.

~ Scripting the Future - spacetime and the nature of control.

~ Dr. Ginger Campbell interviews CFN director Tom Clark on worldview naturalism at Books and Ideas, transcript here.

~ Tennis Without a Net: The Emptiness of the Supernatural Hypothesis - review of The Recalcitrant Imago Dei: Human Persons and the Failure of Naturalism, by J.P. Moreland.

~ Free Will Skepticism: Where Are the Skeptics? - a good debunking needed.

~ Scientific Naturalism and the Illusion of Free Will - Point of Inquiry interview at the Center for Inquiry.

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  ~ Chronological archives 1998-present are here.
  ~ The Philosophy page takes you to papers and book reviews on various topics addressed from a naturalistic point of view, including free will, consciousness, death, morality, and other concerns.  Associated pages: Anti-Foundationalism; Atheism; Commitments; Consciousness;
Death; Faith and Science; Free Will; History; Morality; Multiculturalism; New Age; Replies;
Reviews; Science; Tenets of Naturalism; Theology.


~ The Applied Naturalism page provides a short overview of some basic points about the version of naturalism presented here, and then suggests some of its personal and social consequences. Letters to magazines and newspapers are included to illustrate how naturalism applies in the social arena. Associated pages: Activism; Addiction; Archives; Consequences;
Criminal Justice; Currents; Decision Finder; Environment; Letters; Lexicon; Neuroscience;
Politics; Resources; Sexuality; Social Justice

  ~ The Spirituality page explores how naturalism can provide a philosophical basis for feelings of connection and meaning within a strictly material universe.  It also works as a non-academic introduction to the themes developed in the Philosophy pages.  Associated pages: Ceremony; Charlottesville; Naturalistic Spirituality; Spirituality Without Faith; Enlightenment.

~ The Allies page lists like-minded individuals who are directly or indirectly promoting naturalism.

  ~ The Links page gets you to relevant Organizations, People and Publications.

~ The Consulting page describes practical philosophical consultation services.

  ~ The Personal page has a bit about your host.
  ~ The Replies page - where your substantive feedback is posted. 
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